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Frequently Asked Questions


What website name can I have?

As there are so many websites on the internet, it may take a bit of creativity to come up with a domain name that is not already being used. You can use the following website to enter your desired domain name to find out if it is already registered

How much will a website cost to setup?

How much a website costs to setup depends on the complexity of the site and the features required. For a basic website the following is a minimum:

  • Website Domain Name (e.g. - The domain name is leased from the top level registrars typically for one or two years and starts at about £6 for a name.
  • Website Hosting - This is space on an central server that is accesible 24x7 and makes sure that you website is available any time, night or day. Our hosting packages start at as little as £2/month
  • Website Design - This is the customisation of a template or pages put together specifically for your website with your content and details in. We will advise you upfront how much effort is required to design your website and is a one time charge unless you want a radical redesign of your website in the future.

Adding all of this up you can have a website up and running for as little as £50 for the design, setup and first years hosting

Will my website have adverts hosted on it?

No, none of our hosting packages mandate that you have adverts present unless you decide to put them there.

Can I have e-mail addresses with my website address?

Yes, you can have an unlimited amount of e-mail addresess with your domain name e.g. You can then access the e-mail accounts either through any web browser or via a mail client on your computer, tablet or phone. We will provide full instructions on how to setup the e-mail accounts on whatever devices you require. We have provided some instructions HERE which shows how to access through any Internet Browser.

Is there any on going fees?

You will need to renew your domain name lease after the initial period if you wish to keep using it. You will also have to pay hosting charges each year to keep your website active.

Will I be able to edit my website directly?

This is a common question and if this is something that you require we can design the site in such a way that you can edit it yourself. We will provide easy to use forms and menus to ensure that you can edit your content without requiring any coding knowledge.

Can you get my Website to the top of Google searches?

We will perform Search Engine Optimisation on your website to ensure that it has the best chance of reaching a good ranking in search engines, however there are a lot of other factors that affect rankings. i.e. Number of visitors, Number of competing websites, frequency of updates so we cannot guarentee a number one spot.

Will my website work on all devices?

We will design your site to be browser agnostic and work on all major browsers. We will test againt Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and many others. There maybe very slight differences in placement of content due to the way that different browsers handle certain elements of the website but all content will be accesible.

I am still confused about what I actually need?

Use our contact form to drop us a message. We are happy to talk you through the process or give advice free of charge.

I already have a website and just need it hosted?

No problem, just use our contact form to drop us a message. We will be able to provide hosting at a very reasonable rate.

Why would I not want to use 1&1 or Moonfruit?

These companies work on providing a number of standard templates that are then customised with your content, so there is a very finite amount of changes between all of the sites. We are able to customise any area of your website specifically to your needs. Their hosting charges also far exceed what you will expect to pay through CMT Webdesigns.

Can I set up my Email on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes. We have provided some instructions HERE which explains how to do this.