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Personalised Email

All domains hosted by CMT Webdesign allow for unlimited personalised eMail addresses, which can be accessed either through the WebMail Portal or can be setup on the mail cient of your PC, tablet or mobile.

This page will give details for accessing your CMT Webdesign hosted E-Mail through any Internet connected computer

Open an Internet Browser window (Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, Safari or any other)

In the Address bar enter: http://mail.'domainname' i.e. and press enter

The following screen should appear, which you complete with the following information:

User Name:Your e-mail address 'emailname'@'domainname'

Password:Your password

Then select Login

Email Image 1

You will then be taken to your inbox. Clicking on the subject of an e-mail will open the message.

Email Image 2

Clicking Compose will start a new e-mail

Email Image 3

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Can I set up my Email on my iPhone/iPad?

Yes. We have provided some instructions HERE which explains how to do this.